Buying A New Home? Here Are 3 Ways To Help Your Realtor Sell Your Old One Quickly

Posted on: 29 December 2014

According to the National Association of Home Buyers, more than half of buyers are interested in purchasing a new home – so before putting yours on the market, you are going to want to make some improvements that will help you keep up with the competition. Here are three effective ways to make your old home look new again so your realty services can make a sale more quickly, and you can move on to your own new home:

Use a Coat of Paint, or Two

A great way to draw interest to your home, and to give it a little character that helps to tell its story, is to give the interior a new coat of paint. Using neutral colors is always a good idea because they are appealing to most people, but adding a splash of color by trimming the walls or painting an accent wall in each room is a great way to incorporate some character.

Colors also happen to have an effect on emotions and feelings, which can be helpful when selling your home. Consider incorporating one or more of the following color options:

  • Stimulate conversation in a space with warm colors like yellow and orange.
  • Encourage enjoyment of eating in the kitchen and dining room with hues of red.
  • Create a relaxing and calm atmosphere with colors of blue and green.

Incorporate color with the use of a couple of props that will help potential buyers imagine themselves living in the home. A warming carpet in front of the fireplace, a soft chair by a small colorful bookshelf in the living room, and a colorful coat hanger by the front door can all add just the right touch of color.

Give the Exterior a Little TLC

There are a few effective ways to make your home look new again on the outside, which also happens to be an easy way to increase curb appeal at the same time. Improving the look of your home on the outside is also a great way to increase its performance in terms of holding up to wear and tear throughout the year. For example:

  • Roof repairs and patches make the home look better, and they also help to ensure a moisture-free home.
  • New siding helps to insulate the home while giving it a brand new look.
  • Replacing clunky old air conditioners with newer HVAC systems may increase home value and minimize unsightly equipment in or around the home.

Buyers don't want to deal with maintenance costs when buying a home, and your realtor can help you to determine which maintenance services will pay off for you both financially and aesthetically.

Liven Up the Landscaping

Another easy way to draw attention to your home, increase its resale value, and improve its curb appeal, is to plant a couple of trees in the yard. You can also appeal to potential buyers with these tips and tricks:

  • Plant an herb or veggie garden for eye appeal and the added benefit to buyers of free food production.
  • Place stepping stones in high-traffic areas to minimize wear and tear on grass.
  • Incorporate some privacy with the help of hedges or flowering plants like hibiscus.

Clearing out junk trees, ugly bushes and shrubs, as well as weeds, is just as important for optimal curb appeal as implementing new projects. And remember, just a little work can go a long way, so choosing one project and giving it your focus is probably a better bet than taking on several half-hazard landscaping projects.

Sprucing up your home opens up your buyer market to a wider audience, increases the home's value so you can ask more for it, and helps to ensure a reliable investment for the people who end up buying your home when all is said and done.