Make These Simple Kitchen And Bath Updates To Sell Your Home More Quickly

Posted on: 1 June 2015

When it comes time to sell a home, the kitchen and the master bathroom are the two rooms that buyers tend to focus on the most. If your kitchen or primary bathroom are looking a little worse for wear, your home may linger on the market for months -- even if it is in great shape overall. If you can afford a full kitchen or bath remodel, surely you should consider this option. However, if you're short on cash, there are some ways to quickly and cheaply upgrade your kitchen and bath to make them more appealing to buyers and hopefully encourage your home to sell in a timely fashion.

Simple Kitchen Upgrades and Repairs

Add Some Pizzazz To Your Cabinets

New cabinets are expensive, so make your existing ones look like new. Depending on the style of cabinets you have, you may be able to remove the doors and give them a fresh coat of paint. If this is not possible, leave the doors on and use tape to mark off a stripe-like line along one or more edges of the cabinet. Paint this one of the predominant colors in your kitchen. Remove the tape while the paint is still slightly moist for a clean edge.

Put in a New Laminate Floor

If your floor is boring or outdated, you can replace it with a laminate one without spending a fortune. Laminate tiles generally sell for a dollar or two apiece, and they come in many colors and patterns. A light color will give your kitchen a open, spacious look. Installing laminate or vinyl tiles is easy, and you can do so yourself with very little remodeling know-how. The tiles you purchase will probably come with specific instructions, but essentially, you just peel the backing off the tiles, one at a time, and stick them down on the floor surface.

Paint Your Countertops

If you have nice, stone counters, leave them alone. However, if you have cheaper laminate counters and want to give them a new look without spending a fortune on granite or quartz, consider giving them a coat of paint. Many home improvement stores sell countertop painting kits that include a colored enamel, sealing product, and various tools to apply them. Keep in mind that you will have to wait a few days for the counter to dry before you can use it again.

Simple Bathroom Upgrades and Repairs

Buy New Fixtures

New fixtures can make the entire room look more modern. Today, nickel and brass fixtures are quite popular -- especially those with a smooth, sleek look. You can also replace your shower head with a removable one that offers multiple massage-style settings. If you have a bit more money in your budget, consider a fancier faucet. There are some that turn red when the water is hot, which will be appealing to buyers who have children and are concerned about safety. Others are motion-activated like those seen in public restrooms.

Add Built-in Shelving

Storage space is incredibly important in a bathroom, since there are so many accessories like towels, cosmetics, and soaps associated with this room. Open shelves are popular right now, since they allow homeowners to display items rather than hiding them away. Add a few built-in shelves to the wall next to the shower or even above the toilet. When showing the home, make sure you display some cute items on these shelves to demonstrate their use.

Install a New Shower Door

If you still have a shower curtain, it's time for an update. A glass shower door looks very modern and sophisticated, and there are varieties that can easily be mounted to existing shower surrounds. If you already have a shower door, give it a look over. Is it starting to look cloudy, rusty or otherwise worn? Replace it, and your whole bathroom will look brighter.

With a few or all of these tips, your bathroom and kitchen will be looking brighter. Get started well in advance of your expected listing date, so your home is ready to sell from day one.

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