3 Things You Should Not Ignore When House Hunting

Posted on: 15 March 2017

There are certain things you should ignore when you are shopping for a house to buy, such as the paint colors on the walls and other easy-to-fix aspects, but there are other things you should not ignore. The following things are considered red flags, and you should evaluate a home thoroughly if you notice any of the following three red flags.

Musty odors

While every home you visit may have its own smell, you are likely to encounter homes with good smells and those with bad ones. The smell of a house is slightly important, as it can be distracting or motivating, but it is not something you should pay close attention to unless you notice a really funky or odd smell.

Musty smells are often the result of moisture, mildew, or mold and should not be ignored. If a house smells musty or if you detect the smell of mold, it could mean that there are moisture problems in the house. If you smell something like this but really love the house, you may want to get a mold inspection before you buy it.

Low water pressure

Finding low water pressure in a house is another thing you may not want to ignore. Low water pressure is not always an easy problem to fix, and it can be extremely hard to diagnose why this is happening. Once the problem is diagnosed, it can be costly to fix. You should always check the water pressure as you view homes, and you should run multiple plumbing fixtures at once to see how this affects it.

Lots of homes for sale in the neighborhood

When it seems like a high percentage of homeowners in a neighborhood are all trying to sell their houses, you may want to investigate to find out why, just in case it's because of a problem. While it may just be a coincidence, there are usually reasons why several houses in a neighborhood are for sale at once, such as if a new development is going to increase noise, traffic, and light pollution. Another problem might be the crime rate, so check out whatever information you can find on the neighborhood. You can also talk to your real estate agent to find out if he or she knows why this is occurring.

There are a lot of things to evaluate when shopping for a house, and you can learn more about this by talking to a real estate agent.