Hup, Two! Double-Time!: Vacating Your House for Immediate Military Relocation

Posted on: 21 March 2017

The military lifestyle is not for everyone. As soon as you get your family settled in one place, the military picks you up and moves you to another city and state. When you think you can finally put down roots and you have bought a house, you may find that you are uprooted again. If you have to vacate this home double-time, you will need a military relocation specialist and real estate agent to sell your home. Here is how that works.

Find a Real Estate Agent With Military Relocation Expertise 

The first step after you receive marching orders is to find a real estate agent with military relocation expertise. This is a real estate agent who frequently helps military personnel sell their homes in their absence because they have had to move quickly to a new location. This real estate agent may also be tapped for information on finding housing in the new location where the military personnel will be serving.

Sign the Documents Needed to Sell the House 

Most real estate agents can help you sell your home and you are not required to be present to do it. However, your agent will need you to sign specific documents that gives them the ability to show the empty house at will and accept offers on the house in the price range you are willing to accept. Once your agent has your signed documents, you are free to leave town and leave the selling up to them.

Make Phone Calls to Check In

About a week after you have moved into your new location, give your agent a call. They will need your contact information at your new address so that if your house sells, they can send you the check. Check in weekly with each other to see if anyone has shown interest in buying the house. If the house is slow to sell because it is a buyer's market and not a seller's market, then you can back off and check with the agent on a monthly basis. You can also arrange to have the agent call you with offers, to which you can agree or pass up over the phone.

Sign the House Over to the Buyers

In most states, sellers do not need to be present at the closing of the sale of the home. You may need to sign some more paperwork and return it to your agent prior to the arranged closing date. Other than that, you just sit and wait for the check.

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