Get Valuable Information From Your Real Estate Agent By Asking About These Topics

Posted on: 12 April 2017

When they're ready to buy a home, some people take the approach of knowing exactly what they want and where they want it — and, in some cases, they already have their desired home picked out after attending some open houses. While this approach can lead to quick results, it may not give you an opportunity to really pick your real estate agent's brain to gain some valuable insider information. If you're thinking about buying a home, there's no harm in consulting with your agent before you make up your mind. Here are some useful details that you may wish to ask about.

"Bang For Your Buck" Housing Types

In some cities, certain housing arrangements will give buyers better value. For example, you might have an idea that you're looking for a condo, but you could learn that a single-family home will give you more square footage, plus a private yard, for about the same price. It's a good practice to ask your real estate agent about which property types give buyers the best bang for their buck. This information may change your search parameters completely, and you may appreciate having this new knowledge.

Areas To Consider

While it's fine to have a general idea where you want to buy within the city, asking your real estate agent about any particular areas that he or she recommends can be in your best interest. For example, you might be so accustomed to living in the west end of the city that you don't know much about the east end. The agent may let you know that a recent housing boom in the east end has not only made housing more affordable in that area, but that a significant number of retail developments have also sprung up in recent years, making the east end of the city highly desirable for buyers.

Possibility Of An Investment

If you haven't previously thought about real estate investing, you may find that a discussion on this topic with your real estate agent shifts your thinking. For example, if you currently own a home or condo unit but are planning to move, you might be thinking of selling. However, your agent may inform you about the benefits of keeping ownership of your current residence and renting it out. You'll have to evaluate your finances to do so, but for some people, making this decision can be of huge benefit to their financial health.