Three Areas Of Yoru Kitchen To Remember When Preparing Your House For Showing

Posted on: 12 April 2017

If you are trying to sell your home and you are going to be showing it, then you want to make sure you don't forget to clean or prepare something that is going to possibly be noticed by a potential buyer. Most of your kitchen cleaning is obvious. You know you are going to clean the floors, counters, sinks, stove, walls and other visible parts. However, while you get wrapped up in cleaning everything you can see, you can easily get overwhelmed and forget about those more hidden areas. The problem is, most buyers really like to peak around at as much as possible when viewing a home, so the chances are they will find what you forgot. Here are three of the easily forgotten kitchen spots you want to make sure to clean and tips for cleaning them quickly:

The insides of the cupboards

When you are rushing through the house to get it ready for viewing you can easily skip over the cupboards. It can be difficult for height challenged people to reach way in the back of cupboards or even to reach way up in the high ones. A great way for you to get all of the crumbs and other debris out of the back of them and out of the top ones is to use the long hose on a shop vac to suck them up quickly. To wipe hard to reach areas out you can get a small towel wet with soapy water, lay it in the counter and use a bent coat hanger to move it around. For top cupboards you can also use a step stool of course.

The inside of the oven

Once you get done cleaning the stove you may simply move on to something else without thinking about opening the oven and cleaning it. If the oven is a newer model then there is a good chance that it is a self-cleaning oven. This makes it very easy on you since you just set the oven to cleaning on the settings and let it take care of the rest. If you have to manually clean it then you can make the job easier by first wetting any dirty spots down with water and letting them soak. Then, use a stainless scrub pad and an oven cleaner to clean the oven.

The stove's exhaust hood

The exhaust hood is another area that is often overlooked in kitchen cleaning. Grease and oil can cause this to be extremely hard to clean. Therefore, you can use a good degreaser on it to make it easier to wipe the dirt away. You may need to go over it a few times before you can rub your finger across it without feeling a stickiness. For more information, talk to a professional like Universal Fire Equipment.