3 Steps You Must Take Once You List Your Home

Posted on: 13 May 2017

Selling a house you are living in can be kind of awkward, simply because people will be coming by to view it from time to time. Your real estate agent will arrange the viewings with you before they take place to give you time to prepare, but there are several important things you should do as soon as your house is put on the market. Here are three important things to complete before your viewings begin.

Make your home as tidy as possible

The first thing to do is clean your house as good as you can, and you should hire a cleaning company if you need help with this. The goal is to eliminate all junk and clutter from the house to make it look as tidy, spacious, and appealing as possible. Hiring someone to help you with this would be worth the money you would have to spend, and you should consider this if you need help.

Remove all personal effects

Secondly, you will need to go throughout each room in your home and remove all personal effects that you have on display. When people shop for homes, they may look at several homes or dozens of homes, but they often have a hard time picturing living in homes when there are personal effects everywhere. Family photos are the prime example of personal effects in a home. People viewing your house may picture your family living in the home because of these pictures, and this can prevent them from picturing themselves living there. Family photos and other personal effects can be distracting to buyers, which is why you should remove them before showings.

Hide things that are valuable or that contain sensitive information

It's also important to go through your house and remove anything that is really valuable or that contains sensitive, confidential information. There will always be a real estate agent present when people see your home, but you will not be there. Most agents recommend that sellers leave during viewings, simply so that the buyers are not distracted while they are there. Because of this, you should never leave confidential or valuable things lying around your house. Put them in a safe, if possible, of just hide them somewhere safe in your home.

There are a number of other steps you may also need to take before people begin viewing your home, and your real estate agent can help you determine what your home needs to make it look the best it can look. He or she will know how to maximize the preparation of homes for sale to encourage a closing.