Key Tips For Getting The Most Benefit And Maximum Attendance From An Open House

Posted on: 17 May 2017

If your home will be on the market in the near future and you're aware that an open house is being planned, it's important to consider modifying the way that you think things need to be done. For instance, if it has been a while since you sold a home, you might be surprised to discover that many buyers want to see more than just a few photos online before coming to your open house. That means that you will need a website that can support professional-quality videos of your home. In addition, timing your open house so that it has less competition can also be helpful. When you need to sell your home as soon as you can for the best price, the following tips will be quite useful.

Give As Much Information As You Can About The Home Online To Prospective Buyers

It was not that long ago that a photo or two of the kitchen or master bedroom was enough to get buyers showing up for an open house. However, technological advances in recent years have revolutionized the way that people look for their next home. For instance, a recent study determined that more than half of homebuyers did online research as the first part of buying a home. 

Therefore, in lieu of a few tasteful photos of the spacious closets or custom kitchen, it's a better idea to post multiple, small videos on a website devoted to the sale of your home. A series of videos highlighting the benefits and attributes of each room or area of your home can be less intimidating than a single, long video. It also permits the viewer to focus first on the features most important to them, so the family who loves to cook can quickly find the appeal of your gourmet kitchen.

Maintain The Attention Of Your Visitors For As Long As You Can 

Another aspect to consider relates to the amount of time you actually get with each attendant at the open house. In order to maximize the amount of time you spend with each person and for them to fall in love with specific attributes of your home, it is best to be sure that you have their attention and they will not be running off to the next open house. 

Therefore, it is a good idea to work with your real estate agent to find out when the majority of open houses in your area are taking place. Then, time your open house to start after those of your competition, to make it more likely that a prospective homebuyer will have the time to linger at yours and rush through the others.    

In conclusion, selling your home can be an arduous task and you can have many homes competing for the same buyers. Therefore, thinking outside the box by applying the following advice for a successful open house is a good idea. Talk with your real estate agent for more tips to maximize your open houses.