Signs That You Can Make Do With A Small House

Posted on: 27 May 2017

One of the questions you have to answer when it's time for you to buy a home is whether to go for a big or small house. Assuming cost isn't the main issue, some people are better suited to big houses while others can live comfortably or should even seek small houses for sale. For example, these four factors mean a small house will be alright for you:

You Have No Plans of Growing Your Family

The number of people in your household is probably the number one determinant when it comes to choosing the size of a home. Therefore, if your family is still growing, then you should get a big house. You will still be able to live in the same house even if your family doesn't grow. Note that your household can grow even if you don't have more children. For example, you may decide to bring your aging parents to live with you or some relatives may come to live with you. Therefore, only go for a small house if you are certain you won't be doing any of those things.

You Travel a Lot

You don't need a big house if you just want a base of operations -somewhere you can operate from as you travel around the country or globe. Maybe you have been bitten by the wonder bug or have a job that entails lots of traveling, in either case, you can do with a small house. However, a small house can be suffocating if you must live in it every day of the year.

You Don't Enjoy Housework

Some people enjoy housework as if it's a hobby while others will go to great lengths to avoid it like the plague. A big house translates to more housework; you will have more rooms to clean and dust and more fixtures and furnishings to take care of. Therefore, keep your square footage minimum if you don't enjoy housework.

You Are Concerned About Your Homes Environmental Impact

Lastly, you should also think of buying a small house if you are concerned about the environmental impact of your property. Big houses have a big impact on the environment since they require more materials to build, use more water and electricity and require more resources to maintain.

Whatever house size you have decided to go for, a real estate agent can help. Remember to discuss your needs explicitly with the agent to help you get the house you need.