Organizing Open Spaces: 3 Ways To Define Spaces in Lofts

Posted on: 14 June 2017

In the past, compartmentalized floor plans have been popular for residential buildings; however, nowadays, open floor plans are becoming more popular instead. Open floor plans, like the ones found in lofts, can offer numerous benefits, like being able to keep an eye on your children regardless of which part of the house you're in. While open floor plans can make small spaces appear a lot larger, many homeowners would still like to be able to organize the room in a way where each space is defined. Here are 3 ways that you can do just that.

Use Rugs to Create Clear Boundaries

Rugs are not only beautiful, but also effective in defining various zones in the home. You want to choose rugs that are large enough to fill up an entire space that is being used for a specific purpose. You can choose different colored or patterned rugs if you'd like; however, if you're looking for consistency, rugs of varying sizes that have the same patterns and colors will also do the job just as well.

Make Use of Different Color Schemes for Different Sections of the Loft

If you want to define each space for their specific needs, try doing so by erecting visual barriers. Use different color schemes for different sections of the loft. For example, you might want to rely on a white color scheme for the kitchen and a light pink or blue color scheme paired with white for the living room. The two colors will complement and harmonize each other; however, the extra splash of color in the living room will define it as its own unique space.

Put Up Furniture as Visual Dividers

Another easy way to divide an open floor plan and organize open spaces is to use furniture as visual dividers. Consider putting up a low bookshelf or even a table where you would prefer a wall to be. The furniture will close up the open space a bit. You can even place decorations and appliances, like lamps, on top of the bookshelves and tables to further create a vertical barrier.


Lofts are becoming more and more popular as residential spaces. The open floor plans make small living areas appear larger, and they also offer a lot of other benefits to homeowners. There are many different ways that you can organize these open spaces and define separate areas for their respective uses. Check with a specialist like The RandelleGreen Group for more ideas and suggestions.