Sell With Smell: The Good, Bad, And Ugly Of Home Odors In Real Estate

Posted on: 25 July 2017

It is a tidbit of common knowledge that every person has their own unique odor. However, it is not-so-common knowledge that everyone's home has a particularly identifiable odor as well. This fragrance, which tends to be an interesting culmination of the odors of the people who live inside, the regularly used cleaning products, and even the most frequently cooked foods, is not always attractive to outsiders. If you are planning to list your home for sale, getting to know a little about why your home's radiated fragrance is important will get you far. Check out some good pointers to keep in mind, some bad odors to completely eliminate, and the one ugly truth you need to know about home odor before showing your property. 

Good Pointers About Making a Home Smell Welcoming

There is a reason why the home fragrance business is a booming market. People really do want the place where they dwell to smell attractive. Unfortunately, many of these products simply mask the odors in the home temporarily. Because you don't want to be halfway through a home showing when the air freshener you sprayed minutes before subsides and reveals something not-so-inviting, there are a couple of tips to keep in mind: 

  • if you do go with store-bought products, opt for those that neutralize odors instead of just masking them 
  • you can achieve long-lasting fragrance easier with things like wax melts, candles, and even essential oils
  • remember, eliminating the odor is better than covering it up, so getting rid of things that smell first is the better route

Bad Odors That Must Be Busted Before a Showing

Pet Odors - Pet odors can be a dealbreaker for some potential buyers, especially if they are totally against having pets in the house. Move your pets outdoors, along with their belongings and then clean your home completely with pet-dor-neutralizing products. 

Smoke Odors - Smoking inside the house leaves behind a telltale odor that non-smoking prospects can smell before they even walk in your door. get rid of these odors through extensive cleaning, even washing the walls and cleaning carpets. 

Mildew Odors - This odor can come from a lot of things, even just the stale laundry you forgot to wash last week. However, mildew odors are often associated with mold, which is definitely not something you want buyers to think is inside of your home for sale.

The Most Important Ugly Fact to Keep in Mind About Home Odor

There is one big fact to remember when you want your home to smell nice before a showing. Becoming nose blind is a real thing; inhabitants of a home don't often realize that their dwelling smells funky to others. Because of this, it is a good idea to bring in a trusted outsider, like a family member or friend who lives somewhere else, to come in and take a whiff and give you honest feedback before you actually show a home.

Also discuss possible solutions with your real estate agent