Little Touches To Make Big Changes To Your New Place

Posted on: 15 August 2017

If you have just bought or rented a new home, you want to do things that will make it your own. Even if the home already meets the colors, style, and amenities that you would have gone with if you had designed the house yourself, you'll still want to make your own touches personally to tie yourself even more into the house so it feels like a real home and other family members should do the same. Here are a few examples of things you can do:

Come up with a comfortable theme for your bathrooms

  • You can decorate your bathrooms in ways that leave you cheerful and feeling at home the minute you go into using them, even when you have just moved in.
  • You can do them up in certain colors or schemes just by purchasing the right bathroom accessory kit, a couple of rugs and the right shower curtain to really pull it all together. You can even put decals on the mirrors as little accents.

Hang your own drapes in the windows

  • Even if the house you have decided to buy or tent has blinds up already, you should hang up your own draperies.
  • You can use the drapes from your old house if this makes you feel more like you are bringing a piece of that home with you. Or, you can go out and purchase ones that are going to go with your new décor if you have decided you want a change from your previous décor.

Go out and get some of your favorite plants and flowers

  • Hanging your favorite plants around the house and having your favorite flowers set around the house can really help to give it a homey feeling.
  • If you have bought the house then you can plant the foliage of your choice around your porch as well. If you rent, you may still be able to, but you should ask the owner or manager for written permission first.

Move some of your things to the same location they were in at the place you are vacating

  • If you have always had magnetic alphabet letters on your refrigerator at your old place, you may want to put them back in place at your new one. Or, if you have a special picture you had up in your previous living room, you may want to follow suit in your new place.

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