Buying A Home With Dogs

Posted on: 20 September 2017

If you are in the market for a new home and you have a small dog or two, then you may not have to put much thought into making sure you choose a home that caters to them, since just about any home will be fine. However, if you happen to own several large breed dogs, then you have a bit more to think about when it comes to matching yourself up with a house and yard that will prove to be a good match for your family, as well as your dogs. Here are some things to look for when you are looking for dog-friendly homes for sale:

Look for dog-friendly flooring: If you have dogs that shed a lot, then you may find it is best to go for a home that doesn't have carpeting throughout the whole house. Otherwise, you are more than likely going to have a hard time finding a vacuum that can keep up with all of that fur. Plus, you will spend a lot of time vacuuming. If you go with hard flooring, then you can simply sweep up the fur.

If you have one or more dogs that have arthritis and have a hard time getting around, then you may find that you actually want carpeted floors, so the dogs can walk easier. However, you could also get by with hard flooring if you use area rugs throughout the house for the dogs to walk on.

Consider a grass yard: When you have dogs, a grass yard will make it easier for you to pick up after them than if you have a gravel yard. The dogs can also have a good time running around in the grass and laying on it in the sunlight during the nice weather.

While you can go with a dirt yard, which would also make it easy for you to pick up after them, the dirt would make it hard for you to keep the dogs clean. They will track a bunch of dust into the house every time they come inside and they will have a foul smell to them from laying in the dirt. Also, they will track in mud when it rains.

Consider a house that has a good-sized backyard: When you have dogs, it can be better to keep them in the backyard. Otherwise, you may find that people tend to bother them when walking by the front yard, kids can be especially bothersome. When you are able to fence them in the back, you can let them outside without worrying about people barking back at them, throwing things at them or otherwise bugging them.