The Benefits Of Card Key Systems In Your Posh Resort

Posted on: 16 May 2019

Resorts are the places people go to get away from it all. They want to be able to live it up and relax it down. They want soft beds, and entertainment, and room service. They also want privacy, safety, and security. You can give them all of the above with card key systems for their rooms. Here are the benefits to using programmed magnetic strip systems for your card keys.

No Two Keys Are Exactly the Same

Even when you program a duplicate key for a second guest staying in the room with another guest, the programming auto-designates an individual code for the key that notifies the front desk that the second key has been used to either enter or leave the room. Your desk staff can tell by the keys used for one door room who has come and gone. Even if the keys get mixed up, the desk can still identify how many people are still in the room versus how many have left. Furthermore, no one else can enter the room except housekeeping, and housekeeping carries the master room key kept at the front desk. That is some major security right there. 

If a Guest Has Lost All Their Room Keys, It Only Takes a Couple Minutes to Reprogram New Keys

Think about this; how often do guests lose all their room keys? Maybe they leave one in the room and then lose the other. That could happen too. Before there were card keys, the desk employees would have to go up to a guest's room, use a master key to unlock the door, and then, hopefully, the guest would have the spare key inside. If the guest lost all of the keys, the locks would have to be changed. Now, with these new programmable keys and locks, the employees never have to put themselves at risk leaving the desks, and the guests can get new keys and a newly programmed lock in under ten minutes. 

You Can Deactivate the Card Keys When Each Guest Checks Out

This is probably the best safety feature of all time for these key systems. The minute a guest checks out, all card keys for that room are deactivated. There is no way a guest could return ten minutes later or a year later and use the same cards to enter that room. The people who enter that room in all the days and years ahead are safe from potential harm because a former guest from that room cannot return and use the card key he/she had. Most resorts at that point will allow guests to keep their card keys as souvenirs, but that is up to you.