Don't Get Stung: How To Get Rid Of Wasps This Summer

Posted on: 25 May 2019

Now that summer is almost here, you'll be spending more time outside. The last thing you want is to share your yard with aggressive wasps. Unlike bees that lose their stingers after just one sting, wasps will continue to sting until they're no longer irritated –- or until you kill them. If you encounter aggressive wasps in your yard, you need to take quick action to alleviate the problem. Here are four steps you can take to get rid of the wasps.

1.  Get Creative

Wasps don't like to fight over territory. They also don't like to share the same space. If they see active wasp nests in the area, they'll move elsewhere.

Luckily, that doesn't mean you need to encourage the building of wasps nests in your yard. You can build your own with string and brown lunch bags. Fill several brown lunch bags with paper, and tie off the ends with string. Hang the bags in areas of the yard where you've seen wasp activity. The bags look like wasps nests once they're hung up, which will discourage the building of real nests.

2.  Clear Your Yard

When it comes to keeping wasps out of your yard this summer, you need to remove the things that are attracting them in the first place. First, always keep lids on your trash cans during the summer. Wasps will be attracted to the odor of the food if you don't.

Second, adjust your sprinklers to avoid overspray. Wasps will be attracted to the puddles of water that develop on your sidewalks and patios.

Finally, move your hummingbird feeders out into the yard, and hang a decoy wasp nest nearby. Wasps may be attracted to the sweet nectar, but they'll be less likely to build a nest if they see one in the vicinity.

3.  Seal Your Windows

During the summer, wasps are likely to spend time near your windows, especially if you have the air conditioner running inside. Unfortunately, if you have holes in your screens, wasps will squeeze through them as soon as your windows are open.

The best way to keep wasps out of your home this summer is to repair all your window screens. You should also take care to repair your screen doors, as well.

4.  Call an Exterminator

If your attempts to keep wasps away from your home fall short, and you find yourself infested with aggressive wasps, call an exterminator who offers wasp removal services right away. Your exterminator will take care of the problem quickly and effectively so that you don't have to deal with wasps all summer long.