Should You Let A Home's Age Affect Your Purchasing Decision?

Posted on: 11 July 2019

Have you finally found your potential dream home with a price and layout that meets exactly your needs and wants? If so, you may be a bit put off to the home if it is a much older home. This is one thing that you should not let stop you from moving forward with purchasing a home due to the following reasons.

You Can Get A Home Inspection Before Buying

One essential part of the home buying process, especially when buying an older home, is getting a home inspection. It is something that you will be allowed to do within the first few days of having an offer accepted, and it gives you the opportunity to have a professional look at the home in ways that you would not have thought of.

The inspection is going to let you know if there are things wrong with the home, how they can be improved, and give you an idea of the kind of maintenance that you'll need to do over the years. For example, you may be warned about the mortar between the exterior bricks that will be in need of tuckpointing. You'll then have a good idea of what will be involved with having tuckpointing work done and if it will fit within your budget for the home.

If there are a lot of red flags in the home inspection report, know that you can always use this as a reason to walk away from the home and get your earnest money back. You are not committed to buying the home if you get an unfavorable report.

You Can Always Remodel

An older home may be sold at a low price point because the owners know that it needs a lot of work. Instead of spending the money and doing the repairs themselves, they have left that work for you to do so that you can make remodeling decisions that you want.

The kitchen may look like it is from a different generation, but you must realize that a home with a recently remodeled kitchen would cost you more money without giving any input on what you want. You can use this as an opportunity to customize the home after you move in to make it really like your dream home.

Reach out to your real estate agent for more help with buying an older home.They'll let you know which things can be fixed and which issues are reasons to walk away.