How To Find The Perfect Waterfront Condo

Posted on: 18 December 2019

Being on the water can make you feel like you are always on vacation. Whether you want to live on a local canal, a river, the ocean, or a lake, being on the water may be worth it. Although you can buy a single-family waterfront property, a waterfront condo for sale may be just the trick but with a lower price tag. Before you make an offer on the first waterfront condo that you see, though, there are a few things for you to check off your list. 

Unobstructed Views

What's the point of being on the water if you look out your windows and you are staring into someone else's unit? With so many different condos for sale that are on the water, it's good to remember that not all of them have a view. Talk to your real estate agent about only looking at properties that have a breathtaking view of the water; that way, every day when you wake up, you have something be really excited about. 

Access to the Water

Just because your condo is on the water, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will have access to it. If you are big into boating or other watersports, then having direct and constant access to the water is a must. Look for a property that will grant you and other residents access at all times. Also look for a condo minimum that allows you to have water toys like wave runners, boats, kayaks, paddleboards, and anything else that you like to use on the water. 


If you live in a state where all beaches are considered to be community beaches, then you may want to be careful about what waterfront condo that you end up purchasing. Why? Because you may not want to live on a crowded beach without any privacy. Ask your real estate agent to find a property that will still give you enough privacy when you're out on the water so that you don't feel like a tourist anytime you go to sit out on the beach and relax. Plus, when you have some seclusion, you are more likely to have better resell value. 

These three things are all worth considering and discussing with your real estate agent before you start looking into waterfront condos for sale. To learn more about waterfront condominiums or properties, reach out to a real estate agent.