Is Bigger Always Better? 4 Reasons To Buy A Modest Home

Posted on: 18 August 2020

As you shop for a new home, you probably want the best and biggest one you can get within your budget and area. It's normal to consider something as being a better deal if there is more of it for a similar price. But is bigger always better? When it comes to real estate, this adage may not be true for everyone. Here are four reasons it may not be the best call for you.

1. You May Not Need the Space

Just because homes with more square footage are available doesn't mean you will actually use them. If you are busy with a career, travel a lot, or have other recreational pursuits, you simply may not spend enough time in all the home's spaces to warrant having them. And a young couple may not need three or four bedrooms when they only ever use one or two.

If you need the room, you should have it. But if not, consider upgrading in other luxurious ways. 

2. You'll Pay More for Services

Many ancillary services and fees go up with the square footage rises. Homeowners' insurance and property taxes, for instance, are based on things like property size and home value. When these things are less, your costs are as well. Similarly, if you hire a cleaner or landscape service, you'll pay for extra square footage whether or not you use it. 

3. A Large Home Is a Commitment

If you're a new or hesitant home buyer, a large piece of real estate could feel like too much of a commitment. You'll have to spend time maintaining it and worrying about various elements of it. While many people enjoy devoting the necessary time and energy to the place they call home, it can be intimidating for others.

If this is your first foray into real estate or you have a lot of external commitments, consider keeping your new home simple and worry-free. As you grow in experience as a homeowner, you can always commit to a larger property later.  

4. You'll Have to Decorate It

If this is your first home or a big house is a significant upgrade from your current rentals, how will you fill it? Budget-minded home buyers who will need to furnish their house from scratch may prefer to have fewer rooms to fill and fewer changes to make. If the home needs extensive remodeling, a modest place will make renovation more affordable and faster too. 

Certainly, the right size home is a personal decision for each home shopper. But when you consider your goals and interests, a smaller property could make your time as a homeowner easier and more enjoyable. Want to know more about comparing larger homes to smaller ones in your area? Meet with a real estate agent today.