Home Design Ideas For A Custom-Built Extra-Large House For Your Big Family

Posted on: 13 December 2022

A large family brings you a lot of enjoyment, but it can be difficult to find a home that has enough space for you. Most prebuilt homes have just a few bedrooms and bathrooms, so your choices are quite limited when you need much more than that. The solution is to have a home custom-built for your family.

Here are some ideas to discuss with a custom home builder for designing and building a home for a large family.

Add Plenty Of Bedrooms

You can make the bedrooms extra large and have a few children share each bedroom, or you could design your custom house with several small bedrooms. Your custom home builder can help you decide what choice is best if you plan to put your home on the market once your children are grown.

Besides bedrooms for the kids, you may also want to add an in-law suite if your parents or in-laws will live with you too. In addition to a bedroom, the suite might contain a bathroom, living area, and snack kitchen so your parents can have as much privacy as they want.

Build Private And Shared Bathrooms

You'll probably want some bedrooms to have ensuite bathrooms. However, you may want the other bedrooms to share bathrooms. The placement of the bathrooms will determine how your custom home is built, so this decision needs to be made early.

You may also want a large custom bathroom for the master bedroom that has a luxury shower or sauna. You might even want a bathroom designed for seniors with a walk-in tub for the in-law suite.

Devote Some Space For Recreation

If you have a lot of kids, you'll want to keep them entertained at home so you don't have to constantly drive them somewhere to keep them busy. You might think about creating a game room for playing video games, a pool, and other indoor activities, a media room for watching movies, and even an indoor swimming pool if your budget allows it.

Design A Big Kitchen With Double Appliances

When you're cooking for a large family, you need a lot of space and large appliances. You may need two ovens, a stove plus a cooktop, and two refrigerators. You might want two sinks in your kitchen. You'll also want plenty of space for eating at an island or for a long dining table. The best thing about designing your own home is that you can tell the custom home builder exactly what you need to take care of your large family efficiently and keep your kids happy.