Tenant-Related Tasks Property Managers Handle

Posted on: 26 January 2023

Does your rental property business cause a lot of stress in your life? If so, it might be time to hire a property manager for help. When you hire a company to help you, you transfer some duties to the company. Thus, it relieves your responsibilities, which might decrease your stress. One major part of a rental property business is tenant management. You have a lot of tenant-related duties to handle, but you can transfer these to a property management firm. Here are some of them. 

Tenant applications

First, you must accept applications from people who want to rent your units. If you hire a property manager, they'll do this for you. They'll hand out applications and review them.

Tenant screenings

The next thing they'll do is the tenant screenings needed for choosing tenants. Screening tenants is a step some landlords might skip. However, this isn't a good step to skip. The screening process helps you learn things about the applicants. For example, you can find out if they have a criminal record. You can also find out if they have good credit. Learning these things can help you pick the right tenants. Unfortunately, this process takes time and knowledge. When you hire it out, the property manager will do it for you.

Showing available units

A property manager will also schedule tours with potential tenants. During these, they will show the tenants the available units and answer questions. The property manager will also make sure the units are cleaned, maintained, and repaired as needed.

Move-out checklists

When a tenant moves out, you have the job of completing a move-out checklist. Of course, a property manager can also complete this step. First, they'll make sure they write a thorough list of what the unit needs. Then, they'll complete the necessary steps.  

Repairs and maintenance

Property managers also take care of the repairs and maintenance rental properties need. They'll make a list of the duties they must complete, and they'll complete them. They'll also handle all the emergency repair calls your tenants have.

Tenant problems

You might encounter other types of tenant problems from time to time. If so, you won't have to deal with these anymore. Instead, the property manager will handle them.

Hire a local property manager

Are you ready to hand off some of your tenant duties? Contact a property management agency in your area to learn more.