Whisper Listings: Reasons And Tips For Finding Them

Posted on: 30 June 2023

Whisper listings are real estate properties for sale that don't appear on multiple listing services (MLS) or the open market. Agents with whisper listings use their professional networks to sell them. Since the listings aren't on the open market, you can only find such properties if you know how to look for them. 

Why Homeowners Use Whisper Listings

People have different reasons for using whisper listings. Below are some of these reasons.

To Keep the Sale Private

Some homeowners opt for whisper listings to limit the number of people who know about the sale. For some people, information on home sales should be private for cultural reasons. Others, especially those in the public limelight, such as celebrities, want to avoid the publicity they would get if others knew about the sale.

To Avoid Home Showings

The conventional method of selling homes includes home showings. During home showings, prospective buyers come to the property to view and inspect in person. Homeowners who don't want people in their homes can sell their properties as whisper listings to avoid showings.

To Avoid Negativity of Many Days on the Market

The number of days a property spends on the market affects how people view it. For example, some people assume properties that take a long time to sell have some defects. Prospective buyers may avoid or make low offers for such properties. However, the buyers won't know how long a house has taken on the market if the owner opts for the whisper listing route.

How to Buy a Home Through Whisper Listings

Many luxury or high-end homes sell through whisper listings. Below are tips on how to find and buy a home on whisper listings.

Spread the Word

Talk to friends, colleagues, or acquaintances and let them know what type of property you're shopping for. If you connect with people in your target neighborhoods or the right connections, they may know homes for sale that are not on the property listings.

Use an Experienced Agent

The best way to access the whisper listings is to use an agent experienced in that market segment. Interview a few agents and evaluate their experience in the market. Agents who deal with high-end properties are often more likely to access whisper listings than others. An agent with many industry connections also has a good chance of accessing whisper listings.

Hopefully, you will get your dream home irrespective of the process you use for its purchase. Contact a local real estate agent to learn more.